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Significant Cases

As a highly respected professional in his field, Doug Nill has written articles and been the subject of articles in various publications. Throughout his career Nill has been involved in large, high-profile cases and smaller, more personal disputes. Currently Nill is the lead counsel in the BASF Corp. litigation surrounding the fraudulent marketing of the products Poast™ and Poast Plus™.

(Agweek / March 2008)
Some individual farmers will get $250,000 in suit

ADA, Minn. — Unless something new goes down, farmers should get the bulk of their payments in the $62 million Poast herbicide marketing fraud case by this summer.

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(Minnesota Lawyer / March 5, 2007)
DOUGLAS J. NILL - Attorney of the Year 2006

Minneapolis attorney Douglas J. Nill went up against an international corporation, BASF, and sank everything into the case. He worked without pay for the nine years it took to litigate. And Nill won.

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(Minnesota Lawyer / April 2006)
Farmers prevail in nine-year class action suit

A nine-year case that has resulted to date in a verdict of more than $62 million was affirmed last week by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The case, Peterson et. al. v. BASF Corp., started life as a class action in Norman County brought under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act over claims that the defendant BASF Corp...

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(Law & Politics/December 1992)
The Great Lieutenant Governor Blunder
Is that the wrong person at Arne’s right hand?

It was almost noon on the 31st of October when Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Peter Popovich entered the crowded room in the Minnesota Judicial Center. His arrival brought the impromptu press conference to an abrupt close. He waved me into an adjoining room, and we quickly reached the business at hand...

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(Law & Politics December/January 2002)
A Civil Affair, Minnesota Style

About four and a half years ago, attorney Douglas Nill, who at the time was with the law firm of Lommen Nelson, became involved in a consumer fraud suit he filed on behalf of a group of farmers in North Dakota. The case has been a tar baby for Nill, who has devoted years of his life to its pursuit...

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(Farm & Ranch Guide, 1986)
Story Has Special Meaning

Every once in a while, a writer gets to do a story that he really enjoys writing, and it seems to us that the Guide's newest writer, Doug Nill, found that opportunity recently when he covered events at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks...

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(Minnesota Lawyer/1999)
Norman County prepares for farmers' class action
Consumer-protection suit centers on herbicide prices

Norman County is not the type of place where you would expect large-scale litigation to take place. Ada, the county seat, has a population of 1,708. But a District Court judge's decision to certify a class last month means that the bucolic county has become the showdown site of a national class action suit involving thousands of litigants.

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