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Doug's Background

Doug Nill was raised on a North Dakota ranch and he's personally familiar with the opportunities and struggles of the agricultural lifestyle. Combining this history with his legal experience, he is a strong advocate for farmers.

Nill Ranch nestled in the Merricourt Valley of southcentral North Dakota and framed by a waving field of sunflowers. To the west is the rugged Missouri Coteau, an area once renowned as a great summer range for buffalo, and still renowned for its sloughs and deer and duck hunting. The Nill Ranch includes rugged pasture land just east of the Whitestone Hill battlesite, the site of the last great Plains Indians battle east of the Missouri. On September 3, 1863, U.S. Cavalry troops under the command of General Alfred Sully engaged Yanktonai and Hunkpapa Sioux Indians in a fierce battle. The tragic Battle of Whitestone Hill lasted for two hours, until sunset. It's estimated that between 150 and 300 Sioux lost their lives and 156 were taken prisoner. Lodges were burned, along with more than 400,000 pounds of dried buffalo meat which the Sioux were processing for winter supplies. It's believed that twenty soldiers were killed and fifty to sixty wounded. The site is marked by a museum built in 1941.

Top: Another photo of the Nill Ranch, on an early December day. Bottom: Doug and daughter Olivia

Livestock in a corral on the Nill Ranch, a December day in the rugged Missouri Coteau.

Amber waves of grain. A combine harvesting wheat on a golden August day on the Nill Ranch.

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